NakedSword Debuts All-Sex Series 'Sexperiment'

NakedSword Debuts All-Sex Series 'Sexperiment'

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals has debuted their first new all-sex series of 2016, "Sexperiment," shot on location in New York City. 

NakedSword director mr. Pam was originally going to shoot a movie during last year's HustlaBall in New York, but the event was cancelled due to the RentBoy raid. Undeterred, mr. Pam and the NakedSword team used the time in the Big Apple to shoot this experimental, all-sex feature "Sexperiment," testing out new shooting techniques and styles.

"Sexperiment" features four distinct vignettes all shot experimentally by mr. Pam.

“Come Back to Bed, I’m Hard" is the first scene, now playing exclusively on, with what mr. Pam describes as a “Saturday morning boyfriend fantasy with a twist.”

According to NakedSword, the premise is as follows: "Morning wood is real! Chris Harder wakes up and relieves his hard-on by taking a piss, but when he comes back to the bedroom he finds that Alex Killborn has a better way to deal with it. The sight of Alex lying there stroking himself lures Chris back to bed for some serious morning action. They explore each other with their open mouths and probing tongues. Tight camera work captures body parts being swallowed, licked and holes being penetrated. Don’t be too sure who’s on top — 'Sexperiment' is full of surprises."

"I'm very proud of this first scene," mr. Pam said. "I shot everything in one take, it was beautiful and about as real as it gets! Both guys are just a joy to work with and were very into each other which made it a breeze. This scene was 100 percent natural and it shows in the final product which I know porn fans are going to love." 

"Sexperiment" will roll out all month long, only on, with this schedule:

Scene 1: Chris Harder and Alex Killborn — Released

Scene 2: Mickey Taylor and Jacob St. Ladder — Jan. 13

Scene 3: Killian James and JP Dubois — Jan. 20

Scene 4: Rocco Steele and JD Phoenix — Jan. 27