Lucas Entertainment Can Continue Selling Films at Center of Mansion Suit

Lucas Entertainment Can Continue Selling Films at Center of Mansion Suit

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Lucas Entertainment Inc. can continue marketing two titles it filmed at a historic mansion in Ojai, Calif., after the mansion’s owner filed a restraining order motion over their distribution.

“We beat it in court,” Lucas Entertainment CEO Michael Lucas told XBIZ this past weekend. “The injunction was not granted and we can keep on distributing the film.”

Kristina Knapic, owner of the Acacia Mansion, was seeking to have the two films purportedly shot at the mansion, “Hole Wreckers” and "Bareback Boyfriend Swap,” ordered off the market while she pursue damage claims against Lucas Entertainment.

Knapic, in the suit, said she advertised her property through and rented it to a woman and a “group of friends” who would stay at the $1,095-a-night home “for a quick summer vacation.”

Knapic, however, claimed she was duped because the “friends” comprised gay adult performers and a production crew which shot porn over five days, according to the original complaint filed at Ventura Superior Court.

The suit said that the mansion was left a disgusting mess, with enema kits found "on the floors, in the beds, in a nightstand drawer and in the trash.”

Knapic, who claims she had to bleach and paint all the walls, bleach the hot tub and steam clean the carpets and upholstery, is seeking unspecified damages in the case.

Lucas told XBIZ said that there’s no merit to any of the claims made by Knapic, who now has filed an application for an injunction imposing a constructive trust that could allow her to profit from sales of the films.

A hearing over the application for constructive trust is scheduled for Feb. 5.