ExoClick Grows to 5 Billion Daily Ads

ExoClick Grows to 5 Billion Daily Ads

BARCELONA — Innovative ad network ExoClick, the world’s fourth largest ad network, has started the new year by breaking another record: serving 5 billion daily ad impressions.

“Reaching 5 billion daily ad impressions is a fantastic achievement and it is the result of a combination of our team’s hard work and the many platform innovations we introduced in 2015,” ExoClick CEO Benjamin Fonzé explains. “This includes exceptional new targeting features (keyword and IP ranges) and fully flexible frequency capping.”

“Mobile has been a key impressions driver for us and this has been achieved with the introduction of a new mobile carrier targeting system allowing us to target any carrier in the world and we also entered the app economy with the launch of our Android in-app SDK,” Fonzé adds. “Our two new desktop ad formats: sticky banner and notification bar opened up new ways for publishers to monetize their sites and for advertisers to generate conversions.”

ExoClick will be attending Affiliate Summit West, on January 10-12, at meet market table #419.

To schedule a meeting at the event, email advertising@exoclick.com.

For more information, visit ExoClick.com.