PrimaVR Offers Holographic Sex Videos for Oculus Rift

PrimaVR Offers Holographic Sex Videos for Oculus Rift

LOS ANGELES — Saying that with virtual reality technology, it is now possible to become a porn star in the privacy of your own home, tech startup PrimaVR has released what it calls the world’s first sex hologram video, wherein the viewer can participate with their own body.

The PrimaPlayer application displays holographic videos through the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, and allows the wearer of the headset to see their hands and body alongside the hologram through the use of a Leap Motion stereo camera.

“We knew that being able to see your own body in the virtual world was important, but we didn’t realize how much it adds to the immersion until we tried it,” says PrimaVR spokesperson Anton Bailey. “You can come up with your own narrative and choose how you behave with the hologram actors.”

“This allows people to fulfill their most intimate fantasies safely,” Bailey adds, showing how he was able to interact with the holographic actress, touching her, and reacting to her movement, in a demo video of the technology.

Bailey says that PrimaVR’s aspiration for enabling fantasies is reflected in an interesting feature: viewers can role play different ethnicities by changing their skin color in the virtual world. Currently the skin tone can be switched between ebony, light pink, and beige.

“This is just one example of the unprecedented possibilities that virtual reality technology allows for adult entertainment,” Bailey explains. “The industry has taken notice, and well-established porn companies like Kink, Marc Dorcel, and Naughty America have jumped on the virtual reality bandwagon.”

The unique aspect of PrimaPlayer is that it can incorporate any body part into the video.

“After all, how can you become a virtual porn star without your private parts in the virtual world?” Bailey asks, noting that the demo video depicts the lower body of a male user interacting with a female hologram. “We wanted our users to be able to see their own body instead of generic 3D avatars. It looks a lot more realistic and is more relatable.”

In the current PrimaVR demo, the holograms do not react to the viewer’s presence, but Bailey believes that holographic video is a relatively new discipline with many opportunities:

“It’s very technology intensive, and the image quality still needs to improve,” Bailey concludes. “I expect that in the future we have fully interactive holograms that respond to our touch and vocal expressions.”

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