Names Extreme Fetish Top 10 List

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. —  Sex Toy Distributing has issued its list of its Top 10 most extreme fetish tools.

The company said it provides retailers with products ranging from electrostimulation to full-blown bondage. Its fetish catalog includes hard-to-find devices customers ask for by name as well as essentials and accessories.

Company wholesale manager Beth Brown hand-picked 10 of the most notable and best-selling devices to put a spotlight on the growing demand for intense sensation tools and make it easier for stores to stock the latest and greatest.

“ is a full-service distributor that stocks almost everything, from the big-name brands in the more mainstream side of the business to lesser-known items that most distributors don’t stock,” Brown said.

She added, “As inquiries increase for fetish and BDSM devices, we want to make sure our customers are aware not only of our popular ‘vanilla’ selection but also our more extreme options. And this Top 10 list makes it simple to start.”

The company's list is as follows:

1. Arcana Wand by Zeus Electrosex, a wand-style massager equipped with metal conductors around its head, allowing it to transmit both vibration and a steady electric flow for an exciting sensation.

2. DPrimer by Master Series, a TPR penis plug that offers a girthier shape in a flexible material that bends and moves with the body’s natural shape. Contoured with swells throughout the insertable end, the DPrimer offers even more intense sensations as it’s inserted or removed.

3. Electro Lockdown by Zeus Electrosex. The hard ABS plastic chastity device features copious electro-conductive elements — including silicone conductors along its interior — to make it a must-have for fans of control and e-stim combined.

4. Deluxe Extreme Chastity Cage by Master Series.  An extreme version that offers urethral sounding and an anal plug to give the wearer an extra-intense sensation. This device keeps every intimate orifice filled with brushed steel and the wearer completely at your command.

5. Rogue Erection Enhancer by Master Series. The TPR device combines a powerful prostate stimulator with a snug cock ring for a complete experience. It allows for simultaneous anal and testicle vibration with erection-enhancement and experience with every thrust.

6. Anchor Vibrating Anal Plug by Master Series. The vibrating anal plug features a split tip that, when pinched together, allows it to be inserted with ease. Once inside, the flared ends spring apart to create an intensely full and secure feeling easily enhanced by its internal vibrating motor.

7. Jolt Puppy Trainer Shock Collar by Master Series. The adjustable and lockable collar has been equipped with an electro-stim box that can be activated by a wireless remote and works from up to 800 feet away.

8. Crush CBT Board by Zeus Electrosex. The ball crushing device is equipped with electro conductors for intense rhythmic stimulation paired with high-pressure testicle constriction. The two boards tighten easily with screws while the attached controller makes it simple to cycle through 10 sensation modes.

9. Extreme Latex Vacuum Bed by Kink Industries. The latex bed makes it easy to immobilize its occupant between two sheets of black latex rubber. Making sure his or her partner can breathe safely through the breathing hole, the dom can quickly encase him or her using a common household vacuum, shrink-wrapped in a tight and uniform shape.

10. Hanging Leather Strap Cage by Master Series. The bondage device ensnares, enfolds, and encloses any sub in a flexible cage made of sturdy leather straps. Its solid platform base makes it easy to stand inside while the occupant’s weight pulls the crisscrossed straps downward, trapping him or her inside while still allowing access to his or her body.

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