Google Glass to Make Comeback

Google Glass to Make Comeback
Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — Several years ago, Google rocked the tech world with the release of its revolutionary, but short-lived, Google Glass wearable computer, equipped with an optical head-mounted display.

As with all things tech, the adult entertainment industry was quick to jump on the innovation, with top-tier companies such as mobile app specialists releasing its “Tits & Glass” app, and joining with XBIZ in releasing the first-ever Google Glass porn video.

“Is Google Glass hype or not?” XBIZ asked its readers in a 2013 poll, with more than half of respondents (51 percent) replying that it was too early to tell the future of Google Glass, while 35 percent confidently believe “it’s hype.”

The naysayers seemed to be on track, when interest in the groundbreaking device, except from limited technical markets, such as energy, health care and manufacturing, apparently fizzled out — and it was discontinued earlier this year with little hope of future resurrection.  

However, a new generation of Google Glass technology seems to be on the way...

CNET is now reporting that Google has filed new documents with the FCC, which is tasked with authorizing and regulating electronic devices. The filing includes photos of an updated Google Glass, depicting its design and circuitry, along with a user’s manual.

“Launched in 2012 for developers and then in 2013 for buyers, Google Glass was widely received as expensive and invasive, the latter because people feared they were being photographed or recorded without knowledge or permission,” Jessica Dolcourt wrote for CNET, noting that “Google stopped selling its first Glass edition in January 2015.”

Similar to the original Google Glass Explorer Edition, the new device, designated as GG1, reportedly boasts a larger prism, a more robust build, and an integrated Intel Atom processor.

Speculation on its market leans towards a direct-to-business model, which would be in keeping with the current user base that is largely comprised of industrial users, although adult producers are likely to take another bite at any new device, even though it would likely target a very niche audience.

No further details or release date have been announced.