CAM4 Reports Q4 Charitable Efforts

CAM4 Reports Q4 Charitable Efforts

DUBLIN, Ireland — CAM4 announced an update to its Cares campaign while setting its sights on an even more charitable 2016.

The company said it has always believed in “giving back” and this year, most notably in Q4, CAM4 enhanced its objective of building a more cohesive philanthropic program. As part of the company’s mission to bring awareness and contribute to social causes globally, CAM4 raised money for a number of causes in the final quarter of 2015 and is eager to bolster these efforts throughout 2016.

In Oct. 2015, more than $1,000 was raised from live shows dedicated to raising funds for Breast Cancer Awareness. November brought about participation in the well-known “Movember” Campaign. CAM4 donated $2 to the foundation for every photo posted in correlation with its own social media campaigns between Nov. 20-23. In addition, David Strauss, CAM4 media buyer, personally pledged to donate to the cause for every vote he received for XBIZ Marketing Executive of the Year Exec Award of which he had been nominated.

“Whenever we can be fun and creative with something like this, I'm all for it,” Strauss said. “That’s what good marketing is all about. Plus it was a great opportunity to raise money for a cause I care about, and grow a wicked 'stache.'” Strauss grew a mustache and earned more than 200 votes bumping the donation to the Movember Foundation to more than $1,000.

CAM4 said it plans to continue to build upon its charitable profile and do so more consistently throughout the upcoming year.