Zuzana Designs and Elevated X Team for Responsive Templates

Zuzana Designs and Elevated X Team for Responsive Templates

LOS ANGELES — Premier adult CMS solutions provider Elevated X has partnered with Zuzana Designs to enhance the front end display of its content with a fully responsive template.

The joint venture promises a reasonably priced visual treat for fans and customers, further boosting the attractiveness of sites using Elevated X’s robust backend, intuitive admin panel and reliable automation.

“We have worked with Elevated X a number of times in the past and are always excited to work with AJ and his team because their goals align with our own,” explains Zuzana Designs Founder and CEO, Sarah. “They want the very best UI/UX, and that is what we always strive to provide for our clients.”

“With the recent migration away from JW Player toward an even better player module and a vast number of other variables to work with, there is definitely a call for a simplified template that will make any site look great in the simplest point-and-click manner possible,” Sarah adds. “This new fully responsive template fills that need and is already getting high marks from early adopters who have started using it on their sites.”

Sarah notes that normally, this caliber of template design would cost around $1,000, but as part of this joint promotion with Elevated X, the price of the non-exclusive template, which includes a responsive tour and members area that is fully integrated into Elevated X, has been cut in half to $499.

Designed in a clean, modern style that works well with many different niches and model types, this custom template offer includes full installation of the template files on the customer’s servers, with any additional customization available separately from Zuzana Designs.

“The main purpose of this template is to get your sites up and running properly with the full power of Elevated X behind them in the fastest way possible, along with a terrific front end from Zuzana Designs leading the way,” Sarah concludes.

According to Elevated X CEO AJ Hall, this first template design and the concept of a third party selling unique plug-and-play designs that work instantly in Elevated X, is a fantastic development for users.

“We realize that people want to pay next to nothing for design services these days. When the time comes that Zuzana sells 5, 10, or 20+ different designs for a couple hundred bucks and anyone can pay a small amount to have them customized rather than starting from scratch, I doubt anyone will complain,” Hall reveals. “This will be far cheaper than custom designs or any design services Elevated X could offer, even if I staffed cheap third world designers.”

“The potential here is far greater than anything I could do in-house at Zuzana’s level of quality and her level of design related customer service,” Hall adds. “To make this more affordable and accessible to more of our users, Elevated X will cover the integration cost for any template purchased, reducing the template price to $499.”

A template-based tutorial is available here.

For more information, visit ZuzanaDesigns.com.