Hustler Toys Now Offering Anal Beads

Hustler Toys Now Offering Anal Beads
Ariana Rodriguez

NEW YORK — Available in black and pink colors, Hustler Toys has released a new assortment of anal beads that have been added to the All About Anal collection.

The flagship All About Anal collection features classic butt plug styles available in sizes 3”, 4”, 5.5” and 6”. The line also includes the Anal Training Kit set of butt plugs in three graduated sizes. Hustler Toys offers the “All About Anal” Training Kit in men’s and women’s editions.

The “All About Anal” line comes is made of body-safe silicone, making it hygienic and easy to clean.

All About Anal beads come in three varieties — three beads, six beads or nine beads. Made out of seamless silicone, the new anal beads come in pink and black and are packaged in black and white packaging that features a sample of the material on the front.

“Shoppers can feel the material with their own hands and feel confident in making an informed purchase,” the company says. “All About Anal is a bestseller all around the world, fueled by the growing acceptance of sexual exploration worldwide.”

To shop the full “All About Anal” collection, along with other Hustler brand products, visit Wholesale prices for All About Anal range from $10-36 with bulk discounts available.