Hustler Hollywood Hosts West Covina Store Grand Opening

Hustler Hollywood Hosts West Covina Store Grand Opening

WEST COVINA, Calif. — Hustler Hollywood welcomed close to 150 attendees to its new West Covina store on Saturday evening when it hosted a grand opening celebration that featured a special appearance by Hustler founder and Chairman Larry Flynt and adult star Jessa Rhodes.

“The line of people to meet Mr. Flynt and Jessa Rhodes was a long one,” Hustler Hollywood Marketing Manager Allison Johnson told XBIZ.

Phillip Del Rio, Hustler Hollywood vice president of retail, added, “We were very pleased with the turnout and glad the people of San Gabriel Valley came out to celebrate with us.” 

Located at 210 N. Sunset Ave., the new Hustler Hollywood store is the 15th location operating nationwide.  The store boasts 7,500 square feet of space to offer shoppers a wide range of pleasure products and lingerie, along with apparel, accessories, gifts, jewelry and more.

“We couldn’t be happier about this new location,” said Flynt, “For years, our store in West Hollywood has been serving the people of West Covina and all the San Gabriel Valley, so we’re glad we now can provide them, along with new customers, the convenience of shopping closer to home.” 

According to Del Rio, many locals are already welcoming Hustler Hollywood with open arms.

“We’ve had a very positive response and a lot of support from the community,” he said. “We feel very welcome and look forward to showing even more people what we have for them.” 

David Ballow, corporate buyer for Hustler Hollywood, said he overheard positive feedback from the attendees of Saturday’s event.

“Listening to the people mingling and walking around the store, they were very impressed with our selection and diversity of product we carry,” he said. “We already have regulars visiting us!” 

Del Rio described the unique shopping experience now available to the San Gabriel Valley’s adult consumers.

“Our stores are sophisticated, bright and thoughtfully designed which makes customers feel very comfortable when they are in the store,” he said. “We also have categories outside of adult toys like lingerie, bath and body and apparel, which sets us apart from the competition.”

In addition to its array of products, Johnson says the retail chain’s objective of providing a knowledgeable, friendly retail environment is what keeps shoppers coming back.

“We take what we do and who we are very seriously — our sales associates are very educated and experts on all of our products,” she said. “But, we also have fun! We want people to walk out of the store happy so they remember and share the experience.”

 Johnson says the West Covina store will have more in-store events in the future.

“We are getting a feel of what will work well in the area and what the customers in that store are looking for as far as events and especially workshops,” she said. “We learn quickly what types of events will work well by listening to questions and curiosities from our customers.”

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