‘Conan’ Follows Up on Pipedream Tour With Will Forte

‘Conan’ Follows Up on Pipedream Tour With Will Forte

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — After a recent shout-out by Kristen Schaal on “Conan” last month, the late night talk show host followed up with Schaal’s “Last Man On Earth” co-star, Will Forte, on last night’s episode.

The comedians discussed the entire crew’s exclusive Pipedream headquarters tour.

“We got a call from Pipedream,” Forte said. “It’s right next door. It’s a multi — it’s like, several buildings. A dildo compound … We go over there and it is just — I just feel like dildos just exist. You don’t’ realize — ,” Conan O’Brien interrupts.

“They have to be manufactured by someone!”

Forte continues, “I never thought about that. You go in there and every detail — there’s a person who pours the latex into the mold. And then they dump it into this big thing, there’s a person who’s in charge of cooling it down, and then there’s these very nice group of ladies who paint veins.”

“You mean it’s that much attention — it’s handcrafted, is what you’re saying,” asks O’Brien. “And you know what I like? That it’s made in America!”

“It’s impressive,” said Forte. “It’s a real business.”

See the entire five minute interview on Pipedream’s official Vimeo.

“We are very excited to see such incredible mainstream interest in Pipedream’s products and facilities,” said Chairman and CEO Nick Orlandino. “We want to thank ‘Conan’ and his crew for their continued coverage, and our ‘Last Man On Earth’ neighbors for continually sharing their positive impressions of our global enterprise.”

Orlandino has extended a personal invitation to O’Brien to tour the Pipedream facilities, plus a once-in-a-lifetime challenge to come and see how a dildo is created from A to Z; from concept, to production, to packaging.

* Product pictured on Forte: Fetish Fantasy Series Heavy Duty Nipple Clamps