Severe Sex Releases 'Heartbreaker vs. Obscura'

Severe Sex Releases 'Heartbreaker vs. Obscura'

LOS ANGELES — Exile Distribution has released “Heartbreaker vs. Obscura: Lesbian Superheroes," a feature from Severe Sex, directed by Lily Cade. 

"I’m normally a total control freak when it comes to our content," said Dee Severe, co-owner of Severe Sex.

"But I was so impressed with Lily when we co-directed our previous hit, 'Ms. Grey,' that I totally trusted her to direct this one for us," added Severe. "And I love the result, this movie is amazing!”

"Heartbreaker vs. Obscura" features Cade as brooding anti-hero Heartbreaker, whose superpower is that she can make any woman obey her.

Heartbreaker has retired from fighting crime, but when Obscura (Anikka Albrite) captures the girlfriend (Kelsey Obsession) of Heartbreaker's old partner Ice Queen (Ela Darling) she has no choice but to take on one last job.

The movie has original music by Kameltoe, art by Shawn Barnes and Cade's first ever flogging,

"Superheroes are a perfect fit for a kinky feature," Cade. "A lot of people first notice an interest in bondage or BDSM from stories about heroes and villains tying each other up and putting each other in peril.

"The fact that these are fantasy people allowed me to explore darker themes in an appropriate context," added Cade. "This is my most ambitious project yet, and I'm so proud how it turned out.  It's a dark comedy with a real heart — and five hot as fuck sex scenes each exploring a different kink dynamic." 

“This is a ‘real’ movie,” said Jimmy Broadway, Severe Sex co-owner and executive producer. “It just happens to have a lot of really hot lesbian sex in it. It’s a great story, all of our performers delivered knock-out acting on top of the sex and shooting it 3-camera style on the Digital Bolex gives it a look unlike anything I’ve ever seen in porn.”

To purchase the movie, visit the Exile Distribution site here