Gnarly Ride Lands Distro Deal With ECN

Gnarly Ride Lands Distro Deal With ECN

LAS VEGAS — Gnarly Ride, a leader in aquatic sex toys for women, has announced the beginning of a new relationship with East Coast News.

East Coast News, “the experts in adult product distribution,” will offer Gnarly Rider to its extensive distribution network of retailers throughout North America and abroad.

“It is a natural connection, given the industry reach ECN can deliver in order to get our product on the shelves and our shared commitment to quality merchandise and customer satisfaction,” said Ronda Sue Montelli, owner and creator of the patent-pending Gnarly Rider silicone saddle. “We believe that the Gnarly Rider is not a sex toy. The Gnarly Rider is a ground-breaking sex tool for women to experience the unparalleled next generation of sexual pleasure — the floating orgasm.”

According to the company, numerous studies support the neurochemical benefits of floating, which increase the production of endorphins and reduces levels of stress agents. The Gnarly Rider saddle, which houses a universal waterproof vibrator or bullet, encourages orgasm with smooth, soothing vibrations culminating in a “floating orgasm.”

“The Gnarly Rider is definitely one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ products,” ECN Retail Coordinator Justin Vickers said. “This is going to be a fun one for retailers for sure!”

The company says that while studies indicate that almost 75 percent of women never reach orgasm through intercourse alone and between 10-15 percent of women never climax at all, its new relationship with ECN will facilitate the experience for women all over the world.

“We are thrilled to join East Coast News team, known industry visionaries, because we share the same commitment to strong customer satisfaction, innovative sexual products, and outstanding sexual experiences,” Sue said. “We are confident that our shared goals will result in heightened outreach to women everywhere.”