Sybian Introduces Orb and G-Wave Silicone Attachments

Sybian Introduces Orb and G-Wave Silicone Attachments

LAS VEGAS — Pleasure product company Sybian has announced the introduction of two new Silicone attachments, the Orb and G-Wave.

These are the first two releases in their new line of Silicone attachments, which are made of 100 percent medical grade silicone and fully manufactured in the U.S. 

The new attachments are designed to utilize user-controlled vibration and rotation speed. They will also continue to have the moisture barrier at the base that protects Sybian from fluid, with the Sybian logo stamped into the moisture barrier to verify its authenticity.

The G-Wave is Sybian’s first 100 percent medical grade silicone insertable attachment. It's designed to fit the curves of a woman’s body and features five clitoral stimulating waves located on the front portion. The slender 3-inch insertable shaft has the g-spot massager at the top, to stimulate the g-spot with or without the rotation on.

"When we first started with the prototypes in silicone I was very impressed with how well the silicone conducted vibration and we took that into consideration in the final designs," Sybian inventor Dave Lampert said. "The waves on the G-Wave are gradually raised to externally massage the clitoris while the insertable portion is designed to hit the g-spot.

"The thing that really makes this great is with the rotation of the Sybian, the G-Wave can hit your g-spot with ease no matter the location," he added.

The Orb is Sybian’s first non-insertable attachment designed to be used from either direction. The elevated side is gradually sloped 3 inches to contour a woman’s labia while a spherical peak massages the clitoral region. For those women who don’t want the slope, they can turn the Orb around and just use the spherical peak for clitoral stimulation.

“The Orb was a really fun attachment to design," said Lampert. "We specifically wanted it to be more magical than any wand on the market and based on our test community response, I’d say we got it right. We’d intended to include quotes here from the testers but they were all too out of breath to comment."

The Orb and G-Wave are now available exclusively at