Falcon Studios' Bravo Delta Debuts in Raging Stallion's 'Dick Moves'

Falcon Studios' Bravo Delta Debuts in Raging Stallion's 'Dick Moves'

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon Studios' exclusive A-Team performer Bravo Delta debuts in RagingStallion.com's "Dick Moves," his first scene with the studio.

Monster Bang’s "Dick Moves" is directed by Steve Cruz and pairs Delta with fellow A-Team member Brian Bonds, in a scene that will go live on Nov. 20. 

"I’m so excited to premiere X-Tube sensation turned porn star Bravo Delta’s very first scene with our studios on RagingStallion.com," Falcon Studios President Chris Ward said.

"I’m so happy we are working with Bravo Delta as an exclusive now, his performance and raw sexual energy in this scene is electrifying – exactly the reason we wanted him on our A-Team," he added.

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