HIV-Positive Major Hollywood Actor Allegedly Slept With 50 Adult Film Performers

HIV-Positive Major Hollywood Actor Allegedly Slept With 50 Adult Film Performers
Alejandro Freixes

UPDATE: The Free Speech Coalition told XBIZ here that no adult performers in the industry's PASS system have tested positive for HIV. 

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail Online, an unnamed 27-year-old blonde adult film actress says she had sex with a major HIV-positive Hollywood actor, who allegedly slept with at least 50 adult film actresses and transsexuals.

While she recently tested negative for HIV, the adult film actress says she knows of four other performers who had sex with the Hollywood star, before they vanished inexplicably from the adult industry.

She fears the cause of their departure may have been linked to an HIV diagnosis and that an epidemic may strike the industry.

The woman told the Daily Mail Online that the actor impregnated her after she met him at a drug-filled party in 2011, where five other adult film performers were also in attendance.

"I was pregnant and then had an abortion, so obviously his DNA was in me but that was almost five years ago," she said. "I've been tested lots and shooting porn since then but I'm still going to get retested. And the thing is, I'm now nervous because I have shot in the last couple of months so think about it — if he's been seeing porn girls in the past couple of months and they're shooting right now it could start an epidemic in this industry.

"I have a shoot on Monday, I'm really nervous now because I'm going to be shooting with girls who might have seen him in this time, girls that I don't know," she added. "I would guess he has slept with about 50 porn stars or less over the past few years — only because I know he has a lot of repeats. He is bisexual too — he would pay girls to bring him transsexuals to have sex with.

"I hope that maybe he can team up with Magic Johnson and start doing charity things and embracing it and get treated for it and be healthy," continued the woman. "And also change his lifestyle a bit. He's either going to do something like that or he's going to spiral down."

The Free Speech Coalition told XBIZ they had seen the story, but have no comment as of yet.