pjur Group Products Debut at EroExpo in Moscow

pjur Group Products Debut at EroExpo in Moscow

LOS ANGELES — The Russian pjur partner, Erotic Fantasy, presented the new pjur products at the EroExpo in Moscow "with great success," pjur announced Thursday.

The EroExpo B2B trade fair took place for the sixth time, unfolding in the large Sokoloniki Exhibition and Convention Center in the northeast of Moscow.

"The visitors were very interested in the pjur products," said Kseniya Borisova, sales manager at Erotic Fantasy. "The new products We-Vibe Lube Made by pjur, We-Vibe Clean Made by pjur, pjur med SENSITIVE glide, pjur med SOFT glide and pjur med PRO-LONG serum were an absolute highlight of the show impressing with their unique formulas."

Expo visitors were able to try the different textures of pjur on their hands at a tester station. Russia is now the latest country to see a strong pre-launch of the new pjur products, the company said.

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