O'actually Crowdfunds More Than $17.5K for Female-friendly Adult Films

O'actually Crowdfunds More Than $17.5K for Female-friendly Adult Films
Alejandro Freixes

BOSTON — Feminist adult films website O’actually is achieving crowdfunding success on their Indiegogo project, with just one week remaining.

O'actually first began their fundraising campaign on Oct. 8, for an in-house production wing to create erotic films that cater to a female audience.

Within 24 hours, the company raised more than $12,000, and it has now surpassed $17,500.

Launched in February 2015, O’actually is a web-based platform and resource center celebrating women’s sexual pleasure.

The company hosts a curated selection of adult content, produces a podcast show and leads a female community through a month-long program committed to daily orgasms.

“O’actually is excited to combat the status quo in mainstream pornography, by changing what you can expect from adult content, by creating beautiful films that showcase a diverse range of women’s sexual fantasies and body types in our films," said Kit Murray Maloney, the founder of O'actually.

"This way, the women and men watching can easily feel good about themselves and each other while enjoying O’actually’s adult content,” she added.

Collaborators on the project include adult performer and creative director Maxine Holloway, who will be helping write, direct and produce the films, as well as filmmaker Lex Sloane. 

The company's mission is to stimulate, inspire and grow the movement for women’s sexual satisfaction around the world. For more information or to support their campaign, visit O'actually's Indiegogo fundraiser page here