‘Last Man on Earth’ Cast, Crew Visit Pipedream

‘Last Man on Earth’ Cast, Crew Visit Pipedream

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — After name-dropping Pipedream Products on “Conan” a few weeks ago, Pipedream invited “Last Man on Earth” star Kristen Schaal to visit its headquarters.

Last week, Schaal along with co-star Will Forte and others from the “Last Man on Earth” crew were treated to a tour of the Pipedream facilities.

“You’d think the glitz and glam of Hollywood would keep our movie-making neighbors way too busy and entertained to make their way over to our side of Lassen Street, but it turns out that touring a dildo factory is an offer that no one can refuse,” Pipedream’s Sabrina Dropkick said on the company’s blog at PipedreamBlogger.com. “In fact, the LMOE rep had to contact us multiple times to increase the size of the tour because as word got around the LMOE office, everyone wanted in on the typically NSFW fun!”

Rob Phaneuf, Pipedream’s VP of development, led the tour through Pipedream’s offices, shipping department and lube and toy manufacturing facilities.

“Everyone was so enamored by every little detail — the molds, the pouring, the ‘baking,’ the cooling, the quality control, the finishing touches by hand,” Dropkick said. “I was especially surprised by Will Forte’s reaction — he was super intrigued by everything and there were plenty of times when he’d linger far behind the tour, watching and filming every process of manufacturing.”