MiKandi Offers 'NUDE Adult Dress Doll' Fetish Apps

MiKandi Offers 'NUDE Adult Dress Doll' Fetish Apps

SEATTLE — Porn app store MiKandi is now offering three "NUDE Adult Dress Doll" fetish apps from Figuromo Studio LLC, for users to customize a naked female avatar with revealing clothing.

The "NUDE Adult Dress Doll 1," "NUDE Adult Dress Doll 2" and "NUDE Adult Dress Doll 3" apps each feature Barbie-like figures inspired by Japanese anime.

Graphics use a simulated 3D technique for realistic detail that allows users to turn the model while designing her look in real time.

A 60-degree view slider is currently available, with a 360-degree one in the works, according to the game's creators.

Users can "Strip Down" or "Dress Up" their models and adjust clothing fabric, with 3D latex and velvet as options. They can also modify skin color and type from soft and smooth to slick and oily.

Up to 12 figurine customizations may be saved at a time, with clothing styles that include bikinis, skirts, lingerie and corsets.