DoS Attack on MormonGirlz After Polygamy Content Added

DoS Attack on MormonGirlz After Polygamy Content Added

SALT LAKE CITY — announced that it withstood a denial-of-service (DoS) attack this past weekend in the wake of a content shift to polygamy-themed sex scenes.

According to MormonGirlz, an investigation of the DoS attack revealed that key files had been modified on the site in early October, before it was knocked offline for several hours the morning of Halloween. They said there had been a sharp increase in hate mail recently, in response to content posted over the past few weeks.

Sibling site MormonBoyz was similarly hit by DoS attacks in April 2010 and August 2013. IP addresses used to deliver those attacks were linked with a zip code exclusive to non-residential blocks owned by the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City.

"We knew we had pissed off a bunch of Mormons with MormonBoyz," site co-owner LeGrand Wolf said. "But it’s inherently difficult for Mormons to talk about MormonBoyz publicly. We would get emails which start by justifying why the author was looking at a guy-on-guy site in the first place. Their subscription to the site shouldn’t make us question their sexuality. They just wanted to know the extent to which the site was nothing more than filthy sodomizing smut!"

"But now with MormonGirlz delving into the secret realm of Latter-day Saints (LDS) plural relationships, which puts the sex rituals between men and women on display, our audience is just a tad larger," Wolf added. "But this is our labor of love, and members will definitely continue to enjoy our sites featuring the erotic underbelly of the original American sex cult."

MormonGirlz explores sex-based rituals with episodic, storyline-based content that parodies the Mormon faith and its history.