LV Networks Turns Gentlemen's Clubs Into Live Feeds

LV Networks Turns Gentlemen's Clubs Into Live Feeds

TAMPA, Florida — LV Networks has announced that the 2001 Odyssey Club in Tampa Florida is the latest gentlemen's club to join its live streaming network.

Patrons can experience an actual gentlemen's club from any device with internet access, with the option to tip their favorite dancer, speak to the main stage performer through an overhead microphone and chat with dancers backstage via a dressing room camera and keyboard.

Entertainers will be able to watch a large monitor mounted in front of the stage ceiling, which will display glowing dollar signs when a viewer tips or "makes it rain," along with the amount tipped and the tipper's identity. Dancers may then view all activity in their website profiles, including detailed accounting records. 

"We are currently experiencing a rapid increase in our viewing membership base," Don Kleinhans of LV Networks said. "We feel we are positioned perfectly for tremendous growth in today's lifestyle of Millennials who grew up... with computers and the Internet. They are happy to bring the experience of a real, live strip club into the privacy of their own homes. Many utilize Chromecast to view our online HD full screen and audio live streams on their large screen TVs. Members have let us know that this makes their house the number one choice for poker night!"

Entertainers net 40 percent of tips, the club gets 30 percent and LV Networks will collect 30 percent, 12 percent of which will be used to pay processing fees, as well as handle collections and payroll. 

To view the newly launched live website for the 2001 Odyssey Club, visit