Studio 20 Opens 3rd Live Cam Center in Romania

Studio 20 Opens 3rd Live Cam Center in Romania
Rhett Pardon

CLUJ, Romania — Live cam company Studio 20, which has two operations in Bucharest, has opened its third center in Romania.

Studio 20’s new center is based in Cluj, where the company has high hopes it can capitalize on its earlier successes.

Studio 20 started up in January 2014 and, according to its general manager, Robert Vanderty,  generated more than €900,000 in revenue last year.

Vanderty said that business continues to be good through the first nine months of 2015, with revenue growing nearly 15 percent each month. 

“This [data] has convinced a number of business entrepreneurs that a business in glamour live cam is an important way of earning profit if it’s managed properly,” Vanderty told

Vanderty noted Studio 20’s expansion mirrors the growth of the live cam community in Romania. He says there are more than 100,000 registered live cam models living in Romania.

“A small portion of them are living a dream come true from a financial standpoint,” he said. “Studio 20 models earn between $3,000-$10,000 per month while performing behind the camera.”

The Cluj studio, said to cost €900,000, measures more than 300 square meters and there is room for 20 models and a support team of up to six people. This is the second site Studio 20 has opened this year. 

For Vanderty, the live cam business can be a good one, but “you must do it carefully and in compliance with all laws.”

“It is not an easy business, you get sleepless nights,” he said. “I saw models who first came to us with great circumspection, and now they are self-confident people, with important general knowledge and a series of therapy notions pretty well learned.

“Actually, the more they know how to use their communication skills, the more they earn, financial speaking.”