MiKandi Receives Wired.com Spotlight

MiKandi Receives Wired.com Spotlight

LOS ANGELES — A new in-depth piece from Wired.com dispels popular notions about the intersection of adult entertainment and technology, painting a much different picture through the eyes of several industry executives in the trenches.

In the feature entitled, "The Porn Business Isn't Anything Like You Think It Is," writer Cade Metz profiles Chris O'Connell, Jesse Adams and Jen McEwen and the trajectory of their company MiKandi, the world's largest app store.  

"The adult industry has a very large content library, with, to use one of the buzzwords of the Internet, a very long tail,” O’Connell tells Wired. “You have so few viewers for each piece of content.”

The article also explores the long-held perception that the porn business is driving technical innovation, covering topics such as the evolution of tube sites, piracy and the emergence of VR porn while also examining the state of digital distribution and the challenges facing the industry.

Boodigo and Wasteland founder, Colin Rowntree, and XBIZ president and publisher, Alec Helmy, also weigh in on the future of adult.

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