Coinsnap Offering Bitcoin Payment

NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands — Coinsnap announced that it now offers bitcoin payment for all adult content and service providers.

The company said that its service is based on its simple-to-integrate API-interfaces as well as various shop and software modules. The service organizes the payment process, the exchange of bitcoins into dollars or euros, the daily or weekly pay-out, and acquiring the exchange rate risk.

The only requirement is to implement fill out the Data Sheet that can be downloaded on Coinsnap´s website and implement the Coinsnap API. Coinsnap also provides integration support.

Coinsnap charges a Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) of 1 percent, plus a transaction fee of  0.10 euros for each transaction.

“More and more people especially in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany and the Netherlands are interested in adult content and services that can be paid by bitcoins to either maintain their anonymity or to prevent recurring billing. Thanks to pioneers such as, Playboy, xHamster, Shopmaker, and others, people increasingly search for offerings that can be purchased using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins,” CEO Stephan Wetzmueller said.