The Screaming O Debuts ‘GO Stix’ Disposable Mini Vibes

The Screaming O Debuts ‘GO Stix’ Disposable Mini Vibes
Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — The Screaming O has introduced the "GO Stix" disposable mini vibe.

Made of non-porous ABS plastic with a body-safe SEBS sleeve, the portable massager is designed for foreplay and to add stimulation to any sex position.

It comes in four colors and features a  lightweight and skinny design that makes it easy to maneuver around harder-to-reach spots. Its slender shape sends vibration directly to the tip for targeted vibration.

The vibe also packs a powerful 13,500 RPM mini motor in its tiny case, making it one of the strongest stimulators small enough to fit in a pocket, according to The Screaming O.

“Our disposables are mainstays in adult retail stores around the world thanks to their affordable pricing and powerful mini motors — there’s nothing else like them on the market,” account executive Conde Aumann said.

She added, “GO Stix are quiet and inconspicuous, making them ideal travel and anyone curious to try a vibrator for the first time, but pack an incredible amount of power — enough to satisfy even the most seasoned sex toy user. Whether for an oral sex boost or unobtrusive clitoral stimulation, you’ll be ready to GO anytime — and anywhere — your craving strikes.”

To order, email Aumann at