Rocks-Off to Unveil 4 New Products

Rocks-Off to Unveil 4 New Products
Ariana Rodriguez

ENGLAND — Rocks-Off will debut four new products at the upcoming Erofame expo.

“We are really proud of our fabulous new male product called Rise, it is a very sleek, seductive and sophisticated intimate male masturbator,” Rocks-Off Managing Director Sue Walsh said. “Rise delivers a look and feel of pure masculine sensuality and is designed to provide high levels of pleasure, while users still maintain control.”

The product is USB rechargeable, waterproof with 10 modes of pulsations. Rocks-Off says Rise is the first of the next generation of a high-end life-style range of male products that will be launched to market very soon.

“We have another new Rocks-Off bullet, again USB rechargeable called Ignition,” the company said. “It’s a 10-speed designed to be used on its own, but also to be used with the existing RO 80 bulleted products, both male and female, therefore turning all of your ‘favorites’ instantly into rechargeable toys. Ignition is powerful, streamlined, but also beautifully elegant to give orgasmic stimulation to every intimate trigger point.”

There’s also an addition to the current seven-speed “Boy’s” line with the release of Wild Boy.

“And now one just for the ladies, we’ve teamed up with the published erotic writer, Brit Babe member and now sex toy designer Tabitha Rayne for a product that’s really different called Ruby Glow,” the company says.

“Ruby Glow is unique in as much as it’s a dual motored product to be used while you are seated for instance while reading a steamy book, Skyping or emailing a lover, perhaps watching an erotic movie at home or maybe when you’re in a chat room to add your pleasure experience. The product is designed so it can be used through clothing, so that’s a bit of a bonus which could really spice things if you were enjoying Ruby Glow let’s say in a more public area — maybe the train ride home or while you’re out watching a movie, maybe at a restaurant — there’s a thought.”

According to Rayne, “I was aware that when I was inventing Ruby Glow that I had a certain lady in mind — mainly an erotica writer getting hot at her desk, wanting to ‘get off’ while she was typing — and that would make for a very niche product. We all need a little self-loving at times… wouldn’t you agree?

“Not only is the Ruby Glow used as a saddle style of stimulation is also great as a traditional clitoral vibrator and can be used in any position as it has lots of lovely dips and curves to press and grind against, even when you’re standing up!”

As a bonus with every Ruby Glow, Rocks-Off is offering a free E-book.

Rayne says, “My fellow Brit Babes have been so amazing and said they would endorse this product — so much so that every Ruby Glow has a QR code and download link to a collection of very saucy stories from the Brit Babes, who include ETO erotic author of the year winners and nominees, they have really been utterly invaluable with helping me design this sex toy. Kd Grace, Kay Jaybee, Lily Harlem, Lucy Felthouse, Victoria Bliss, Emmy Ellis, and Lexie Bay, so a real lovely labor of lust.”