ATKingdom Sees Growth With CCBill’s FlexForms, One-Click Feature

ATKingdom Sees Growth With CCBill’s FlexForms, One-Click Feature

TEMPE, Ariz. — E-commerce plaform CCBill announced today its FlexForms payment system and one-click feature are helping adult entertainment company ATKingdom determine optimal methods for gaining increased conversions and additional revenue.

With the proliferation of personal devices and evolving consumer purchase behaviors, it can be a challenge for businesses to ensure payment options are being presented in a manner that will best resonate with the buyers, CCBill said.

As ATKingdom's Melissa Campos said in this video, the built-in and intuitive features of FlexForms make it easy to create different looks and present them to consumers.

A|B testing of forms is one thing, comparing different payment processors is another. FlexForms allows businesses to make these comparisons between e-commerce providers, and can complement any other testing scenarios as well. For instance, ATKingdom is seeing notable results comparing how CCBill one-clicks performs against a solution that is not utilizing one-clicks, said Campos, who is ATKingdom's operations and business development manager.   

“As the online buyer changes, our merchants are digging into the many toolsets in our platform to drive new sales and expand their reach,” said Gary Jackson, managing vice president of sales for CCBill. “What ATKingdom is doing is a prime example. It has leveraged the automated A|B testing options within FlexForms to see which form aesthetics and pricing variables work best with astounding results.

“And once the new member has access, they are capturing additional sales through one-clicks. Knowledge is power and knowing what performs and what doesn’t can go a long way toward achieving success.”

To begin using the forms, merchants can visit the FlexForms area within the CCBill Admin Portal.

For more information, contact or call (800) 510-2859.