Moves Over to HTML5 Player Moves Over to HTML5 Player

LOS ANGELES — has announced that it is following in the footsteps of Internet giants such as YouTube, Mozilla and Twitch, by completely dropping Adobe Flash as its default video player in favor of a more secure HTML5 player.

In recent months, Adobe Flash has come under fire for being too vulnerable to hacker attacks due to its glaring security flaws. With the launch of this updated video player, takes the lead among the first companies in the online adult industry to adopt HTML5 video technology.

“As an industry leader, our number one priority has always been to provide unmatched security, brand trust and an engaging interface for our users,” explains a spokesperson from’s development team. “We developed our new proprietary HTML5 player to address the growing concerns with Adobe Flash’s inherent flaws and to set a new standard in adult.”

“We have completely removed Flash for an ideal porn viewing experience,” the spokesperson added. “We’re proud to help make watching adult content on the Internet safer for everyone.”

To promote the new video player, has launched its “FlashFreePorn” campaign, spreading awareness about the transition through email alerts and social media outlets.

“The HTML5 update also gives users a more consistent and seamless viewing experience no matter what device they are using,” the dev team spokesperson concluded. “On top of that, users will enjoy extra new viewing options [including] the ability to stream videos at various slow-motion playback speeds as well as added video filters.”

As before, there will be multiple options for playback quality and other options for registered members.

To see the its new HTML5 video player in action, visit