Curvy Girl Lingerie to Be Focus of ‘Plus Life’ Reality TV Series

Curvy Girl Lingerie to Be Focus of ‘Plus Life’ Reality TV Series

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Curvy Girl Lingerie will be the focus of a new reality show called “Plus Life,” a series that portrays plus-size women “who love themselves now — not “50 less pounds from now.”

According to the company, the “Plus Life” series by Executive Producer Adryenn Ashley and Curvy Girl Lingerie owner Chrystal Bougon portrays plus-size women in a positive light, as beautiful, unapologetic, empowered, sexual beings. The series highlights life at the Curvy Girl San Jose, Calif. boutique. Curvy Girl Lingerie is the first lingerie store in the country dedicated to plus-size women.

“Plus Life” is currently in the middle of shooting its first season; the 10 half-hour episodes will air in a late-night time slot on a major cable channel, to be announced as it nears its premiere.

“There is no place in ‘Plus Life’ for depressed characters who hate their bodies or their lives, are dieting, cleansing, or trying to squeeze themselves into Spanx,” says Bougon, a nationally-known plus-size advocate. “Rather, ‘Plus Life’ is an unapologetic salute to people of size, who are body confident and happy in their own skin.”

The series premiere will feature a birthday celebration, introducing the audience to the colorful cast of characters at the boutique; the show will weave through their lives throughout the season, culminating in the annual Curvy Girl Lingerie Fashion Show. Other episodes throughout the season include a Curvy Girl pole dance class, game nights, boudoir photo shoots, dinner parties with size acceptance activists, and more.

The producers also announce one of its episodes will be filmed Oct. 24 at Curvy Girl Lingerie, when the boutique opens its doors to the public for its third anniversary party from 5-9 p.m. The event will feature belly dancers, a dessert buffet, and wine. Those interested in attending may do so, understanding they may appear in the background. There is no compensation for appearing in the episode. For more information, click here.

“It's extremely rare to see fat bodies portrayed in the media,” Bougon said. “It’s even more rare to see sexy, beautiful curvy women in fabulous roles, and we're sick and tired of cliché stereotypes of fat men and women. It’s time to change the perception, and we hope ‘Plus Life’ will inspire its audience to be sexy and confident as fiercely as the women and couples who are in our episodes.”