ClickCastX Upgrades Content Management Software

ClickCastX Upgrades Content Management Software

LOS ANGELES — ClickCastX announced today the integration of BrightCove's HTML5 video JS player into it's Adult Digital Solutions VOD and live cam content management system.

The company said the uograde no longer requires Adobe Flash as the primary method of video delivery. Similar to YouTube, ClickClastX relies on multiple user browser identifiers. Automatic and instant detection of a user's browsers' capability determines what kind of video format to display. If a user has a HTML5 compatible browser, all videos will play using HTML5 as the default player. This includes all mobile and tablet devices. If a user's browser cannot display HTML5, the old flash player is displayed.

ClickcastX believes HTML5 is the future because it's now 100 percent fully cross platform compatible on all mobile and tablet devices. By using HTML 5, newer PC and Mac devices allows real time per-second tracking on any device allowing for tracking of first time pay-per-minute live private CAMs that indicate how long a user watches and deducts minutes or credits in real time.

The company said that Google Anaylitcs tracking is also now available from any device as well, and HTML5 loads much faster using much less memory that Flash. What's more, there is no need to install Flash on new computers in order to watch content.

In addition, videos can have watermark overlays, image ads, affiliate pre-roll video ads and text ads displayed on any desktop or mobile device. Real time monetization on any device is also possible with HTML5 for private chats, group chats and much more.

"HTML5 is the future and we are proud to bring it to our clients now. With our CDN and Wowza compatibility plugins, ClickcastX allows our clients the latest in live streaming media technologies. Live cam models sign-up instantly and can be approved by administrators in real time and models can go live using the PC or Mac computer, or using their Android or Apple device," the operators said.

Users can watch any live cam model in a private chat on any mobile or tablet device at the same time as a model is broadcasting from a mobile or tablet device. Adult Digital Solutions also has the ability to create a white-label Android or Apple broadcasting app that can contain a company logo or brand and allow models to go live from any mobile or tablet device.

Plans start at $199 per month. For more information, email