FoxySoft Releases ‘Venus Rising’ MMORPG, Featuring Sexual Quests

FoxySoft Releases ‘Venus Rising’  MMORPG, Featuring Sexual Quests
Stephen Yagielowicz

AUSTIN — FoxySoft has announced that after nearly two years in development, the first public beta version of “Venus Rising” will be opened to a limited number of users for trial testing.

According to the company, Venus Rising is the first of its kind Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), offering a robust story line, with quests involving battle, problem solving and skill development.

Where Venus Rising differs is by offering quests that require a different kind of “swordplay,” as player characters and non-player characters (NPC’s) interact sexually to gain new skills in the bedroom, in addition to those on the battlefield.

“Immersive reality truly creates a virtual life for characters who can own land, build wealth and live an alternative life as an ancient Roman,” explains FoxySoft CEO Alex Allen, who notes that Venus Rising ensures scalable, extensive stability and support by building upon a non-proprietary gaming platform and is free to play — with some quests and features unlocked through a $10 monthly subscription fee.

“Developing Venus Rising has become a labor of love,” says Allen. “It’s truly amazing to see what started as a simple idea grow into a fully functional virtual world that is as true in its nature as possible to Roman times. As a gamer myself, it was important to me that this game appeal to both male and female gamers of all sexual orientations.”

The first public beta test for Venus Rising is free to the first 500 approved applicants who are 18+ years of age. To sign up, interested users should follow the directions provided here to request a Beta Key and game client download instructions.

“Sexual activities are very much a part of the player’s character development; you aren’t simply running around having all the sex you want — just like you can’t run around killing everything all the time,” Allen reveals. “Players progress through levels of expertise to eventually have 16 sexual positions during an encounter.”

“Players will be able to invite other players into their personal homes or into a game-provided room to engage in sexual activities,” Allen adds. “Or, players can visit any one of the many brothels to learn and gain prowess from an automated character.”

FoxySoft intends to launch Venus Rising for general consumer use later this year after some further stress and functionality testing in the public beta. Once launched, FoxySoft will continue to add new features, lands and quests to its growing online community.

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