Goddess Jude Seeks Contributions to Help Legal Fight

Goddess Jude Seeks Contributions to Help Legal Fight

KISSEMMEE, Fla. — Florida dominatrix Goddess Jude has made a plea for financial contributions to help fight off a lawsuit by a former BDSM client who says she drained his bank account and credit cards of more than $500,000 and took over ownership of his townhouse during their four-year sadomasochistic relationship.

Goddess Jude said that she’s being sued by a “vengeful ex-partner, who wants to destroy me in the judicial system, and the court of public opinion.”

Goddess Jude’s client who filed the lawsuit, Alex Abrams, met her about four years ago after divorcing his wife of 32 years, according to a suit filed last month. Upon meeting, she advised Abrams, then 63, that it was of the highest honor to be her "financial slave."

Abrams opened joint financial accounts with Goddess Jude and made her an authorized user on his credit card accounts. Later, Goddess Jude was able to persuade Abrams to transfer a Casselberry, Fla., townhome worth $100,000 to her, Abrams’ suit said.

Goddess Jude “continued to reward Abrams with sexual favors," states the lawsuit, which also noted that "Abrams would be punished" if he failed to adhere to the dominatrix's financial requirements.

Abrams later had an apparent change of heart and hired an attorney to get back money and his house that he exchanged for her performance of duties.

Given Abrams mental and physical condition during their BDSM relationship, his client was exploited, his attorney said. The suit claimed Abrams suffered from clinical depression, dementia and Alzheimer's disease when he added Goddess Jude’s name to his financial accounts and signed over the house.

The suit claims Goddess Jude violated a Florida statute that makes it illegal to exploit an elderly person or disabled adult. An elderly person is defined as someone 60 years of age or older who is suffering from the infirmities of aging, according to state law.

Goddess Jude said today that because of the suit’s notoriety, she lost her main job after 13 years of service and that she faces additional financial burdens.

“My bank loan to pay my balloon note was rescinded and my home is now subject to foreclosure,” Goddess Jude said. “My trust in this man’s word has cost me everything, and because of my services as his dominatrix, he wants to destroy me. With no job and soon to be no home, I’ll have little left.”

Goddess Jude said that she’s using funds in her retirement account to help defend the case, and that she’s considering a possible counterclaim against Abrams.

“[B]ut this kind of court action requires substantial funding,” she said. “This will not be an easy case since the media has seized upon it to portray our relationship as something torrid and abusive, which is far from the truth.”

Goddess Jude has tapped industry attorney Lawrence Walters of Walters Law Group to represent her at a reduced rate, but her own savings will be not enough.

“I am pleading for your financial assistance to help and defend not only me, but for women and men who participate in the alternative/BDSM lifestyles, in its many, varied forms. While I did not choose this fight, I am committed to advocating for all our rights.”

A legal fundraising site to help Goddess Jude has been created here. A goal of $100,000 has been established for the campaign.