Fetish Art Gallery Announces 'Dog and Pony Show' Closing Event

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — The Antebellum fetish art gallery will be holding it's closing event for the "Dog and Pony Show," an art exhibition exploring human pet fetishes such as pony and puppy play on Aug. 29.

The event features a Q&A with contributing artists Fetish Diva Midori, Michael Manning, Brooke Kent and gallery owner Rick Castro.

Work from graphic artists and photographers, including Idella Spann, Dorian Katz, Vincent Lightworship, Shun Yamaguchi and Jay E. Moyes of Fetish-artist.com will also be displayed.

"The Dog & Pony Show celebrates the ultimate servitude," Manning said. "It provides a brief glimpse into a fetishistic world still populated by centaurs, satyrs, fox spirits, and other mythological beings who blur the line between human and beast and continue to inspire our imagination and sensual longings."