Lisa Ann Teams Up With KIIROO, Fleshlight and Flirt4Free

Lisa Ann Teams Up With KIIROO, Fleshlight and Flirt4Free

AMSTERDAM — Adult entertainment icon Lisa Ann is set to make webcam history when she stars in an exclusive, live interactive cam show on — enhanced by the Fleshlight-sleeved KIIROO male masturbator, interactively synced to Lisa Ann’s Pearl vibrator.

The show is scheduled for October 21, at 2 p.m. PST, and is the cutting edge of live cam technology — and a foreshadowing of the industry’s interactive future, which is only available on

Lisa Ann’s performance will earn her the title of “Fleshlight CamStar,” and is the result of the popular adult chat site teaming up with Interactive Life Forms, the sex toy giant responsible for the Fleshlight, and the interactive sex device innovators, KIIROO.

Fans will be able to engage in a virtual sex experience with Lisa Ann, who remains a spearhead of the adult entertainment industry, despite her official retirement in 2014.

The brunette bombshell, best known for parodying Sarah Palin in “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin,” will now allow her fan base to virtually feel her via the latest in adult haptic technology.

In her live show, Lisa Ann will play with herself using her KIIROO Pearl vibrator, which allows fans to feel her every movement in real time via their partner device, the KIIROO Onyx male masturbator. Inside the Onyx is a patented system of contracting rings cushioned by a tailor-made Fleshlight SuperSkin sleeve, designed to mimic the feeling of real penetrative sex without the user needing to move a muscle.

Through this technology, Lisa Ann will control every pull and thrust felt by her fans, and a special limited Lisa Ann Edition of the Onyx device can be purchased for the occasion.

The star already offers her fans the chance to connect with a piece of herself, through her personalized Fleshlight mold, and is excited about taking this leap forward in sex technology.

“Thanks to KIIROO, Fleshlight and Flirt4Free, I am going to virtually go ‘Back to the Future’ one last time with my fans, while showing the world the future of interactive sex,” Lisa Ann says.

According to Interactive Life Forms COO Brian Shubin, increasing the user experience has always been a company priority, so this union between industry leaders makes sense.

“This is very cool to us here at Fleshlight,” Shubin says. “We see this as providing a way for fans to interact with one of the world’s most popular stars, Lisa Ann.”

“Customers will be able to buy Lisa Ann’s custom molded Fleshlight product during the feature show on,” Shubin added. “Thanks to the great team at Flirt4Free, fans will experience a new level of adult interaction, and there’s much more to come.”

“Our customers look forward to us providing a high-end cam experience with quality models and engaging entertainment,” explains Flirt4Free’s Broadcast Manager, Jamie Rodriguez. “When you add to the mix a huge star like Lisa Ann and an even more realistic way to experience shows with Fleshlight and KIIROO, the online show is taken to a whole new level of fun and interactive possibilities.”

Dutch company KIIROO is excited to be at the forefront of sex tech innovation.

“We’re really proud. Lisa Ann has long been one of the industry’s top performers, and she’s known for maintaining closeness with her fans,” says KIIROO CEO Toon Timmermans. “Now with KIIROO, she can give her fans something taht they have probably wanted for years — to intimately feel her moves in real [life].”

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