FDA Targets Web Penis Pill Merchant

FDA Targets Web Penis Pill Merchant
Rhett Pardon

BRONX, N.Y. — The Food and Drug Administration has determined that the operator of more than 70 websites marketing penis pills with undeclared ingredients is in violation of federal law and could face prosecution and seizures if he can't provide lasting corrective measures.

The FDA said in a letter last month to Roger Thomas that the penis pills he sells under the Black Ant, Herb Viagra, Stree Overlord and Real Skill labels are misbranded and contain undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredients — specifically sildenafil, the ingredient used in Viagra.

Further, the FDA said that other products Thomas markets — African Superman, Bigger Longer More Time More Sperms, Black Ant King, Black Storm, Germany Niubian, Happy Passengers, Plant Vigra, Hard Ten Days, Man King, Mojo Risen, Night Man, Tiger King, Samurai-X, Superhard and Zhen Gong Fu — also are misbranded and contain the undeclared ingredients sildenafil, tadalafil and noracetildenafil.

In the letter to Thomas, the FDA said the Bronx, N.Y.-based site operator is “responsible for investigating and determining the causes of the violations identified above and for preventing their recurrence or the occurrence of other violations.”

The FDA ordered Thomas to respond to the letter by Friday and report the current status of his corrective actions.

In the letter, regulators identified Thomas’ websites where he markets the penis pills that were subject of the FDA probe.

Those sites include Apric.com, Zhengongfupills.com, BlackAntKingPlus.com, TigerKingPills.com, BlackAntPills.com, HerbsViagra.com, StreeOverlordStrong.com, Sex-Meds.com, Risum.com, XZenPills.com, Waxso.com, StreeOverlordPill.com, Fonking.com, NightmanPills.com, SuperTigerXPills.com, HappyPassengerPills.com, BuddyPills.com, SamuraiXPills.com, PopAMollyIAmSweating.com, HoBuck.com, BlackAntKingPills.com, Raffu.com, BiggerLongerMoreTimeMoreSperms.net, HerbViagra.net, BiggerLongerMoreTimeMoreSperms.com, Rozed.com, AfricaBlackAntKing.net, Hardfast.net, StreeOverlordPill.net, 4Jak.com, Hardtendayspills.com, HappyPassenger.net, AfricanSuperman.net, AfricanBlackAntPills.org, Superhard.org, BlackAntKing.org, FadX.org, AfricanSuperman.org, RealSkill.org, HappyPassenger.org, BlackAntKingPlus.org, Jucie.org, AfricanBlackAnt.org, EZap.org, streeoverlordpills.org, herbViagra.com, HerbViagra.org, BlackStormPills.org, BlackAntpills.org, BlackAntpills.info, HerbViagra.us, WhatMenLike.us, Streeoverlord.us, HardFast.us, Superhard.us, BlackAntPills.us, SuperhardPills.us, Xhengongfu.us, Justenhance.com, GermanyNiubian.net, GermanyNiubianPills.net, BlackAnt.us, TigerKing.us, StreeOverlordPills.com, StreeOverlordPill.com, MaleEnhancers.net and WeekendPrincePills.com.

Thomas did not respond to email requests from XBIZ for comment on the FDA's demands.