Telecom Fights to Scoop Up Domain

Telecom Fights to Scoop Up Domain

NEW YORK — Verizon, one of the largest communication technology companies in the world, has filed the first cybersquatting claim for a .porn domain name.

Adam Rothman of Roslyn, N.Y., registered on June 4; however the site hasn’t been exploited and remains parked.

Now, a WIPO arbitrator will decide the cybersquatting case after Verizon paid the $1,500 administrative fee for it to be adjudicated.

Stephen Winyard, director and vice president of ICM Registry, which offers .xxx, .porn, and .adult, as well as the upcoming .sex, domains, told XBIZ that “brands can choose prevention or cure.”

Each of ICM Registry’s currently operating top-level domains offered “sunrise” periods, where brand holders can scoop up domains before they are sold to the general public.   

“It really is their own call depending on their preferences and we don't have any specific recommendations,” Winyard said.

Rothman, who purchased the domain, did not return XBIZ email inquiries on plans for the website.

TheDomains reported earlier today that another “Verizon” name — — is still up for grabs, but that the telecom purchased on June 29 after it was registered by a third party and later transferred to it after a cease-and-desist likely was sent out.

Verizon does not own, which was reserved by the ICM Registry so that Verizon didn’t have to register it, TheDomains said.