Elle Spotlights James Deen

Elle Spotlights James Deen
John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Elle.com covered James Deen's fundraising party to benefit his upcoming short film project, “OverKill."

The women's lifestyle and fashion mag shared Deen's views on feminism, his fans and his popularity, among other things, interviewing Deen Saturday at the event at Busby's East.

On the subject of his fan appeal, Deen told writer Cheryl Wischhover, "I used to say I didn't know. I now believe it's because I'm so different looking. When I started in adult films, I was 18 years old. Everybody else was your stereotypical porn guy: buff, manly men. Then my little Jewish ass comes in there.

"I'm not that unique-looking anymore. There are plenty of guys in the adult industry who look like a guy you'll just see on the street. I think it was just timing — and I got lucky."

The mix-and-meet event was a benefit for Deen’s proposed short film, which blends comedy with horror and is the brainchild of Alex Montilla.

Montilla is the writer/director/editor of the short film “Cheat Day."

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Photo by Steve Prue.