NY Lifestyle Promoters Releases DV8 Essentials Product line

NEW YORK — The Deviate Network, a swinger-centric five-year veteran of the adult toy and novelty business, has announced its DV8 Essentials line of erotic games for couples.

The Deviate Network offers lifestyle event hosting and home-based toy and lingerie parties, as well as an online novelty shop, DevierBoutique.com, which features the company’s new DV8 Essentials line.

The line is also available for wholesale distribution.

“We are excited to introduce you to our latest development from DV8 Essentials, [the] DV8 Dare Erotic Card Game Swingers Edition,” says a DV8 spokesperson. “This edition is the first ever dare game created exclusively for swingers, by swingers and has been tested by event hosts and in focus groups with lifestyle couples. The positive feedback has been phenomenal!”

The DV8 Dare Swingers Edition is intended to provide players with everything they need to quickly get to know each other better for a naughty night in. In addition, the DV8 Dare Erotic Card Game is available, and a third edition is in the works.

For more information, visit TheDeviateNetwork.com.