Reports Sharp Rise in Revenue Reports Sharp Rise in Revenue

LOS ANGELES — Easy ecommerce solution has announced that its 2015 sales have already exceeded its 2014 sales.

According to the company, since its inception, Build The Store’s customers have seen, in aggregate, a doubling of retail sales every year, and are expected to continue this record-breaking success with a projected 260 percent increase in retail sales over 2014.

“Build The Store has exceeded our expectations and once again proven that utilizing our easy to use customization tools and product editor give our customers the best return on investment,” says CEO Bonnie Feingold. “I am extremely proud of what Build The Store has achieved since our launch three years ago.”

“I envisioned Build The Store to be a unique platform that would give our customer the tools needed to run a successful online business,” continued Feingold. “We have grown into the best ecommerce platform in the industry [and] I am proud of the entire Build The Store team who worked hard to make us successful.”

Build The Store’s focus will continue to improve its ecommerce technology with a goal of adding more customization features to empower site owners, attract more customers, and drive repeat purchases.

“One interesting trend we are seeing during the second quarter is that the average cart size has increased by 17 percent over 2014,”stated Erik Van Riper, Build The Store’s Director of Technology. “We attribute this to the customers that are using the responsive, more mobile friendly template, and those who have spent some time creating unique content within the category trees and product descriptions.”

Build The Store’s “Ship to Store” feature is also generating a lot of revenue for retailers, both with online orders and at the physical store location.

“Getting a customer to walk in the door — even if it is just to pick up a package — gives the store an opportunity to engage the customer in a more human manner,” Feingold says. “Up-selling and return foot traffic has increased with our retailers using Ship to Store.”

Build The Store offers an easy, yet complete ecommerce solution designed to help businesses grow and succeed online — with complete flexibility over the functionality of the site, search engine optimization and advanced inventory management, and the ability to provide a superior shopping experience.

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