Trust Products Sponsors ‘Sex Geek Summer Camp’

BOULDER, Colo. — Colorado-based intimate lubricant manufacturer Trust Products has announced its sponsorship of sex educator Reid Mihalko’s “Sex Geek Summer Camp.”

As part of its sponsorship, the company will provide bottles of its flagship product, TRUST: The Ultimate Massage Oil, to all attendees.

“TRUST is proud to be returning to Sex Geek Summer Camp, and I personally can’t wait to meet this year’s attendees!” says Trust Products CEO Daniel Ray. “Sex Geek Summer Camp consistently attracts a dynamic crowd of sex-positive individuals, and TRUST loves supporting their contributions to sex education around the world!”

Sex Geek Summer Camp, and the online Sex Geeks’ School for Gifted Sex Geeks, are comprehensive training programs for sex educators and sex-positive professionals to upgrade and master skills in business, marketing, facilitation/presentation, curriculum design, and branding. The workshop trains leaders, sexuality and relationship coaches, sex therapists and counselors, authors and sex bloggers, podcasters, vloggers and filmmakers, and online trainers/educators, in the business of monetizing their sex education advice from an entrepreneurial perspective.

“This is the second year TRUST has helped bring great business tools to the sex education industry,” says Mihalko. “We’re thrilled to have TRUST back as an official sponsor of Sex Geek Summer Camp, the only sleep-away retreat for sex-positive entrepreneurs, therapists, and facilitators, to learn how to reach more people and make a better living answering their calling.”

Held July 26-30 at a retreat center 2.5 hours west of Washington, D.C., and about 2.5 hours southeast of Pittsburgh, in Elk Garden, West Virginia, Sex Geek Summer Camp is open to those 21 and over. For more information, including registration, click here.

TRUST is made from a proprietary blend of food-grade grapeseed, avocado, and apricot kernel oils. The resulting oil is 100 percent natural, kosher, vegan, and hypoallergenic; it is void of parabens, glycerine, DEA, or other petro-chemicals. Not only is TRUST not tested on animals, the company maintains a rigid policy of only using ingredient suppliers who also do no animal testing.

TRUST may also be used as a personal lubricant for masturbation and sexual intercourse; however, it is not recommended for use with latex condoms. Because the massage oil contains no water, it is deeply moisturizing for an extended period, yet leaves no stickiness or greasy mess, and is absorbed into the skin easily.

TRUST comes in 3.3 ounce and 10 ounce glass bottles with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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