Jazy Berlin Lands in SyFy Channel Flick

Jazy Berlin Lands in SyFy Channel Flick

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Jazy Berlin appears in the new horror flick "3 Headed Shark Attack" set to premiere Monday during Sharknado Week on the SyFy Channel.

A veteran of more than 50 adult films, Berlin has appeared in movies for Hustler, Penthouse, Wicked, and Vivid. She's become a regular face on late-night cable, landing bikini roles in several Cinemax and HBO movies.

Popular actor Danny Trejo and WWE star Rob Van Dam headline "3 Headed Shark Attack," a follow-up to "2 Headed Shark Attack" that starred Carmen Electra. Both are produced by The Asylum.

"I am so excited to apart of this cult classic shark horror movie, they are so popular right now," Berlin said. "In true horror movie form the blonde is usually the first to go, but I don't want to give too much away."

In a spoiler alert, Berlin reveals she is in the opening scene.

She added, "It was so much fun filming on location in Pensacola, Florida, this past February. The scary thing is I had to go out into the bay alone in the water to film and there were actual reports of sharks being spotted near by!"