Williams Offering Tantus Program

Williams Offering Tantus Program
Ariana Rodriguez

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — For the first time ever, Williams Trading University (WTU) is offering a manufacturer rewards program called “Sell The Sensation” provided by Tantus.

The company says it will provide complete information about the sales incentive program and the required documents that participants will need to earn free products.

“Tantus is one of the few adult novelty brands that actually has a cult following. So here’s a way for retailers to take advantage of it,” said Erin V. marketing and vendor liaison. “Now, when you sell Tantus products you’ll earn ‘Tantus Bucks.’ Bucks that can be redeemed for awesome Tantus items that you can use at home!”

Associates record their sales of Tantus products that are assigned a point value. Then, they can redeem their points for products by submitting the appropriate sales receipts to Tantus for verification. Tantus provides each participant the rules, sales tracking and prize claim forms, which can be downloaded from “Sell The Sensation” on WTU.

“Rewards programs are a great way to motivate product sales on the retail floor,” said Scott D., director of sales amd marketing. “But, they take multiple steps to complete so WTU is a great resource for Tantus to use to clearly explain the “Sell The Sensation” rewards program.”

Retailers can also take the WTU course Tantus: Understanding Silicone. The course is designed to raise awareness of how sex toys may impact short and long-term health while learning about Tantus’ proprietary silicone blend. Learners can earn a free silicone cock ring by taking this course and passing a short quiz testing their knowledge at the end.

For product ordering and shipping information, call a Williams sales rep at (800) 423-8587.