'Marriage 2.0' to Screen at CineKink Film Festival in Portland

SAN FRANCISCO — Marriage 2.0,” the groundbreaking adult movie that artfully addresses the complex question of whether it's possible to have a committed relationship based on sexual honesty, will be screening in its entirety at the Clinton Street Theater in Portland at 9 p.m. on August 5th. 

The screening is part of the national tour of the CineKink Film Festival, where "Marriage 2.0" won the coveted Audience Choice Award For Best Narrative Feature.

"I was shocked and honored when 'Marriage 2.0' was first recognized by CineKink and the festival audience and I am even more grateful for CineKink's continued support of the movie, as full length features are rarely screened as part of the tour,' said “Marriage 2.0” screenwriter and producer, Magnus Sullivan. 

'”Marriage 2.0” is a beautiful and artistic look at the changing nature of our relationships and the growing phenomenon of ethical non-monogramy,' said Lisa Vandever, CineKink co-founder and director.  'What especially attracted me to the film was how it deals with potential conflicts like jealousy and insecurity, not glossing over them, but showing the importance of communication and honesty in moving beyond them to reap the potential rewards at hand. 

"The story of 'Marriage 2.0' is a very relatable one for many couples who are looking to maintain intimacy and connection while seeking the excitement and spark of other explorations. As our audience award reflects, there's a real hunger for this type of story and I expect great mainstream appeal for 'Marriage 2.0.'"

To watch the trailer and for more information about “Marriage 2.0,” visit Marriage2point0movie.com.

In addition to the award at CineKink, “Marriage 2.0” was named 2015 Movie of the Year by the Feminist Porn Awards.

Since its premiere on AdamAndEveTV.com, the movie has captured the attention of film reviewers and writers across the globe, who hailed its production, performances, and unique elements.  “Marriage 2.0” has also screened at UCSB as part of the course curriculum in the Film & Media Studies Department.

Sex educator and filmmaker Tristan Taormino discussed “Marriage 2.0” on her VoiceAmerica radio show, “Sex Out Loud.” Taormino said, “It’s different than anything out there…There’s really strong acting…[The actors] have taken their craft to a whole other level…The cinematography is absolutely stunning. This has the production values of a mainstream film and even better than many independent films…Spectacular!”

“Go run out and see this film – buy it!” added Taormino. 

“Marriage 2.0” features performances from adult entertainment stars such as India Summer, Ryan Driller, Dylan Ryan, Nina Hartley, and Mickey Mod, along with appearances from internationally renowned sex and relationship experts, such as Emily Morse, Chris Ryan, Marcia Baczynski, Carol Queen, and Reid Mihalko.

The film follows a couple (India Summer and Ryan Driller) in an open relationship as they search for personal freedom, as well as emotional and sexual bliss within the context of an honest and committed modern relationship. “Marriage 2.0”, produced by LionReach Productions and distributed by Adam & Eve, delves into the nature of commitment and relationships by weaving hardcore sex into a compelling, touching, and controversial narrative, which ultimately drives a film that challenges the portrayal of sex in cinema.  

The film received an Editor's Choice rating from XBIZ.