Mansion Productions Integrates DocuSign Into MPA3 Software

LOS ANGELES — Mansion Productions today announced the integration of DocuSign into its MPA3 affiliate management and tracking software.

“Our clients using MPA3 deal with affiliates from all walks of life, countries and professions on a daily basis, and when doing so there is a need to thoroughly conduct background checks on the affiliates to avoid fraud,” said Mansion Productions, a five-time technology XBIZ Awards winner.

“The way these checkups are done today is by manually going in and checking to see if the information the affiliate has submitted is correct and trustworthy. For our MPA3 owners, we wanted to increase the efficiency of this process, and with DocuSign we have found the solution.”

When a new affiliate joins the program, Mansion Productions explained, a consent form, complete with eSignatures, spell out the agreement between the two parties now entering into a business relationship. Once the affiliate approves, the information is sent to the program owner

“The information is stored securely, and both program owner and affiliate can now be assured that the business relationship is one with integrity,” Mansion Productions said.

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