TrafficHaus Develops New Ad-Block Workaround Tool

SAN DIEGO — TrafficHaus has developed an exclusive ad-block workaround to make it easy and effective for clients to circumvent crippling software designed to keep mobile ads at bay.

Following Apple’s recent announcement of its Safari and OS upgrades containing new ad-blocking capabilities, the TrafficHaus team set to work to find a solution designed to further maximize clients’ revenue.

“The number of people with ad-block software installed on their phones has increased 69 percent in the past 12 months and now totals approximately 144 million active ad-block users,” TrafficHaus Sales Director Jake Gonzalez said. “Our clients can’t afford to lose this kind of valuable exposure, which is why TrafficHaus proudly offers a convenient way to circumvent these roadblocks and maintain healthy business for publishers and advertisers alike.”

TrafficHaus can help clients set themselves up and integrate this ad-block workaround into their systems from start to finish. Depending on the breadth of business, optimization can take a few days up to a few weeks, and TrafficHaus will handle the heavy lifting to make sure the transition goes without a hitch.

“While this isn’t a promise to boost ratios exponentially, our ad-block workaround will absolutely help clients’ ads make it through blocking software undetected,” Gonzalez said. “Clients currently using our software have already seen an increase in click-throughs and visibility, something they wouldn’t have seen had they not implemented our workaround so quickly.”

TrafficHaus’ ad-block workaround solution is available on a rev-share basis, sharing earnings with partners on a percentage scale to ensure there is no disruption to current revenue streams.

“We take our clients’ business seriously and are in constant pursuit of ensuring that their efforts see positive and lucrative results,” Gonzalez said. “This attention to detail helps clients navigate important changes like these and maintain successful campaigns without interruption across all platforms. It’s intelligent business management at its finest — one of the many ways why TrafficHaus stays ahead of the competition.”

For the details of how TrafficHaus’s ad blocker solution can work for you, email