Adnium Debuts Members Area RTB Auctions

TORONTO — announced today that it has unveiled its latest tool for performance marketing optimization — members area real-time bidding.

In a first, is making real-time bidding possible with members area traffic from DatingGold, AdultFriendFinder, XPickup and numerous others.

Luke Hazlewood, CEO of parent company Grand Slam Media, noted the brands are renowned for the quality of their users and that its new revenue source previously was reserved for a select few.

“Members area traffic is the focus of every top media buyer because members area traffic has unparalleled revenue generation and conversion ratios,” Hazlewood said. "Adnium is putting millions of prequalified users on the block, and it’s quickly proving to be the most effective method of customer acquisition.”

Adnium, which launched this month, offers publishers and advertisers a fully programmatic ad network.

Its forward-thinking and innovative approach is why some of the industry’s most prominent and influential companies have opted to be part of the initiative, Hazlewood said.

Chad W, leader of FriendFinder Networks’ monetization team, said that his company is always interested in testing new technologies. 

“Our leadership embraces the concept of RTB systems for both buying and selling ad inventory,” Chad W said. “We are excited to participate in the launch of Grand Slam Media’s new Adnium system and believe that the technology can move the industry forward in establishing automated, fair pricing practices in online advertising inventory management for the adult space."

“Working with premier companies like FriendFinder Networks, DatingGold, XPickup, and many other top-quality publishers is what fueled this new evolution in traffic sales,” said Ian Lester, Adnium’s chief technology officer. “We have direct access to all the paid customer traffic advertisers want, and now Adnium has the tools to support real time auctions with a level of specificity that was previously impossible.”

For more information on becoming an Adnium partner as either an advertiser or publisher click here.