The Screaming O Partners With Australia's Retailers

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — The Screaming O has launched a new sales initiative that has expanded and renewed the brand’s reach into retail stores in Australia.

The company says it is enhancing its presence by working directly with stores to update sales tools, merchandising materials and product options.

Screaming O representatives recently embarked on a sales excursion to Australia, visiting upwards of 50 stores to evaluate the brand’s presence and receive direct feedback regarding its performance. The in-person meetings gave team members an up-close view of The Screaming O’s shelf and slatwall displays while providing an opportunity to update signage and educate buyers of the brand’s latest campaigns and new products.

“Australia is one of our fastest-growing markets and it was due time to meet with retailers to provide them with the same level of support that our domestic partners receive,” The Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “Buying decisions are different down under and we wanted to learn more about Aussie consumers’ tastes and what stores need in terms to messaging, marketing and merchandising to help boost sales. It was also an incredibly valuable opportunity to swap out old branding and signage to make sure that Australian shoppers get acquainted with The Screaming O’s bright, fun and sex-positive message.”

Representatives also put special focus on forging new relationships to introduce the brand’s 70-plus product catalog to stores not yet familiar with the brand, the company said.

“We have long-standing relationships with distributors and stores in the region but we wanted the opportunity to better understand their needs by meeting with them face to face,” Aumann said. “It was a pleasure to see our current partners and also get a chance to introduce our full line to stores that hadn’t yet gotten acquainted with our brand – some didn’t realize that The Screaming O makes much more than vibrating rings!”

This expansion into Australia falls on the heels of recent international partnerships that have brought The Screaming O brand into territories across the E.U., Asia and South Africa. To learn more about The Screaming O’s products and marketing initiatives, email Aumann at