Bonnie Rotten Signs Deal With Mainstream Fantasy Sports Company

Bob Johnson

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Bonnie Rotten has signed an exclusive sponsorship and promotional deal with, an industry leading daily fantasy sports platform.

The company said the deal marks the first of its kind between a fantasy sports company and adult entertainer.

“We are thrilled to be working with Bonnie. She has an enormous following and is a big fan of fantasy sports. She is a very active and savvy player on and this is a fresh, new way for her to interact with her fans on an intimate level while bolstering the awareness of Draftster,” CEO David Joseph said.

Drafster noted that within the last year, all four major U.S. sports leagues have signed sponsorship deals with daily fantasy websites through players, teams, or the league themselves. It’s only a natural progression that other celebrities begin endorsing the platforms.

This year Draftster said it is on track to award more than $2 million in cash prizes and is focusing on endorsement deals such as this to substantially boost these numbers.

“I’m very excited about joining the Draftster family. Having been a big Dodgers fan, I can’t wait for this promotion to begin and meet and greet with fellow sports fans. I have been actively playing on for some time and now and being given the opportunity to publicly endorse the platform and be an active part of the team is a dream come true,” Rotten said.

Rotten is not only the site's poster girl, but to kick off her campaign and to bridge the gap between the fantasy sports and adult entertainment worlds she has put together "Bonnie Rotten’s Baseball Derby" for fans.

Starting today, the first 2500 contestants who secure their spot in the online event will be given a free, all access membership pass to On July 2, those who have signed up for the derby are encouraged to draft, manage and win the top spot to be granted the ultimate prize: an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to go on a date with Rotten to a baseball game.

 “There has always been an unspoken link between these two industries, we wanted to take a progressive approach and make the connection. Men love women, sports and money and Draftster embraces this by giving our players all three," Joseph added. With this edge, Draftster is sure to become the go-to destination for fantasy sports enthusiasts world-wide."