CalExotics Debuts Revamped Jack Rabbit Collection

LOS ANGELES — CalExotics has revealed a new look, as well as new additions, for its Jack Rabbit Collection.

Susan Colvin, president and CEO of California Exotic Novelties, says, “Our product development, art and sales teams all joined forces to create a gorgeous, merchandising-friendly approach to the Jack Rabbits. This toy is the most recognized pleasure product in history. Hands down, it is our number-one best-seller of all time. We invite retailers to make a big impression in their store by building an entire Jack Rabbit wall or display!”

The revamped collection features four levels: starter, intermediate, advanced and pro.

Jackie White, vice president of California Exotic Novelties, said, “Jack Rabbits have so many features and functions, it can be overwhelming for the consumer when they are at the point of making a purchase. What features are right for me? How do those buttons work? That’s why the collection is broken down into four easy to identify levels of sophistication. If you make the decision easier for the consumer, she’s always more likely to buy.”

The packaging features an elevated plane on the clamshell that helps the consumer identify the level.

Austin Ferdinand, international business development executive for California Exotic Novelties, adds, “The new Jack Rabbit packaging makes the line super-easy to merchandise. The uniform look, bold logo design, and the fact that a key product attribute is highlighted on each one, will help increase retailers’ Jack Rabbit sales. We have a free downloadable Visual Merchandising Plan for the collection, and I encourage store managers to visit our website and download it.”